Jewish Trolls

Trolling… The most popular term on the Internet. Anyone want to know where this term came from? Fishing…. Yes, you heard that right… It’s a term that came from fishing, Practically, it’s to bait someone out just to see them suffer. Fishing is a truly barbaric sport, isn’t it? In the same vein, It’s the similar with the Jews: They provoke a non-Jew in groups to make a fool out of their victims, then the police arrives and arrest the non-Jew who hasn’t actually done anything to the Jews when it’s the other way around.This is even worse because the Jews have control of governments of every country. This is even more worse, as this allows them to get away with the act in public. That aside, whenever a topic is against them, Jewish trolls will say something along the lines of:

  • “This person isn’t mentally ill. You need help.”
  • “This guy is an anti-semite. He needs ‘medical help’.”
  • “(Insert Jew’s name here) didn’t do it (name crime here)! You’re an anti-semite!”
  • “You have issues. I’m (insert other race name here to throw non-Jews off.)”
  • “What are you talking about? I don’t work with terrorists!
  • ” *Sarcasm* Oh, wow. You mus be a badass on the laptop *Sarcasm*”
  • How exactly am I being wrong about (insert event here)? I’ve did some actual research! Get your facts straight!
  • You should not judge people. Learn some tolerance,
  • Jews have the same rights as everyone else. Bigots and Racists like you need help.

The lines above are just examples. When Patton said they’re lower than animals, that statement can’t get anymore true. On another note, now that I’m thinking about it today, the Jews are more opportunists than real planners. The difference between a real planner and an opportunist is that a real planner fails when things don’t go according to his plan. The opportunist is sometimes, but not always parasitic, taking other people’s plans for the mere sake of benefiting from them.