I’m a racist against Jews. So what?

We’re in a Global Jewish Oligarchy

I’m a racist against Jews. I had nothing to hide. I have not only disgust for these bastards, but as history can attest, they have no place to stay on this earth. “Thou shalt not kill” Is a noble concept, but I’ll ask this one question: “Thou shalt not kill whom?” From the Jew’s perspective, “Thou shalt not kill thou own kind.” Such a less specific term for a noble rule for a many “heroes” to go by. From our non-Jewish ancestors’ perspective, “Thou shalt not kill an innocent.” This means they have absolutely no problems killing a criminal, and I agree with this, because by sparing a criminal, say, racist, you’re just endangering more lives. The Jews have killed many living beings in this very planet many non-Jews are unaware of, which, as shown in my other blogs makes it very clear that the Jews are the worst criminals in history, and this is saying something… A lot really. That’s no different from a tiger being a racist to a deer, but that’s just hypothetical. They’re THE most racist race in this damned, beautiful planet.

Did the Jews think that by making multiple news outlets that they would actually confuse the masses? As long as the trained eye is able to spot them, they’re not fooling any non-Jew. Did the Jews think that by having numerous Presidents, we non-Jew wouldn’t be able to suspect them to be Jews? Of course we can. It’s not impossible to spot a Jew, as shown in my other blog. The Jews are nothing but cowards who aren’t even worthy of an existence.  They rely on the non-Jewish masses to be in of the shell of happiness as they maintain their masquerade as an all-knowing, all-peaceful religion. The non-Jewish European Ancestors knew better than this, and would execute them right on the fly, which is why the Jews conquered China first, because they think no one would actually distinguish a Chinese Jew from a Chinese Non-Jew, they because they knew China would resist the least, but their lower lips, wrinkled faces, and large forehead are always a sign.

I guess being an outcast is better than I thought. No ideas are given to you, leaving YOU to figure shit out by yourself, getting more experience while doing so (No Pokemon references intended.) . And if you’re looking by the top of the red text, this is a bold statement, because we non-Jews really are in a dictatorship led by Jews. Not to mention they’re hypocrites who pretend to be against racism, yet they carry all racist acts all throughout history All you have to do..

Is to test their reaction.