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Adolf Hitler – A spy for the Jews

Yes, you’ve heard this right. Adolf Hitler, the man who is said to killed 6 millions Jews, is a straw man… However, Hitler as a villainous straw man was precisely part of the Jews’ plan to take over Europe and to prevent criticism against their crimes, resulting in their pacifist ruses. This means they knew Hitler from the start before WW2 even started. And now they’re doing the same regarding Muslims, except that they were an excuse to invade Iraq and middle east, doing the same to  the Arabs to escape punishment. Ahmadinejad (who a crypto Jew himself) is another example of the strawman ploy, where the Jews accuse him of launching nuclear weapons against Israel. Jews are incredibly fond of launching Straw man arguments to escape the real argument and their very well-deserved punishment (very satisfying for non-Jewish society).  Not-so-recently, there was a gun accident in Connecticut. The person for this Strawman ploy was Adam Lanza, who was said to have shot his mother and his father, his classmates, etc. Why would a child (non-Jewish) would kill his parents? This is exactly the reason why these Jew rats want gun control


Straw dictator Hitler wasn’t against those rat-faced gold diggers. He helped them. They knew him from the start, so they portrayed him as a dictator who wanted to kill innocents Jews (Who never were innocent to begin with sadly.), And painted him as a villain. All of those Jewish rats gassed alive? Lie. Told by Germans to strip naked? Lie; Sick Homosexual Jewish fantasy. Fed by Dogs? Lie. We wished that would happen, but they came up with a lie for that one as well. Dammit.


UPDATE: Let me clarify to all my readers: First, the Kikes sent Hitler and a few others as a spy to kill the non-Jewish Germans, set him up as a straw man dictator for all non-Jews to worship, which is exactly what they had planned in mind, and while all the real Holocaust victims in Dresden were burned, to which they watched with demented glee, some of the Kikes were sent to Hollywood after they were finished with their plays, and the remaining kikes were sent to Palestine; every non-Jew know the rest from there.


Jewish Mobsters and Gangsters

Everyone has been sold into the idea by Jew run media and Jew run Hollywood that mobsters are non-Jewish Italians. This isn’t the case here, when you look closely at the pictures of the mobsters and realize that they have lower lips bigger than the upper lip, a big forehead, and a hooked nose. This is an indicator of the Jew. That right; The notorious mobster Al Capone is a Jew, whether you people like it or not, and there are Russian Jew mobsters, Italian Jew mobsters, Japanese Jew mobsters (Yakuza), Plain Jew

Hook nose, bottom lip larger than the upper lip

Hook nose, bottom lip larger than the upper lip. That’s a Jew, alright. No question about it.

mobsters, British Jew mobsters, etc. There are Jewish mobsters in every country, so keep in mind that the ones I described in my previous sentence are not all the Jew mobsters mentioned here. Jewish mobsters have been around as early as late 19th century (It could be far earlier than this.). Even to this day, the Jews are still managing the black markets in the shadows. They knew we would catch them, so they surreptitiously kidnapped children for brothels, managed to pull off the drug trade while killing off all the non-Jewish nurses and doctors, and replaced herbs with drugs as medicine (another article I’ve written) with the Illegal Drug Trade. In other words, The Jewish Mobs, Gangs, and Mafia run the government, which explains the mannerisms. Mobster movies such as The Godfather made it more, but I didn’t pick up on this when I was younger. When once notices how the Jews kill anyone that speak too much about their agenda, it becomes very obvious to the non-Jewish people (humans) that the Jew invented the concept of the Mafia. That’s right; The Mobsters and Gangsters who create chaos in the city life are the very people who claim to be the holiest race. They’re called rats with good reason. A rat loots all of the animal’s belongings in secret, and the Jews affinity with rats can’t be any more true.

Jews invented racism

It’s funny that whenever someone rightly calls the Jews out their crimes, they call it racism and get in trouble for it. Sadly, many non-Jews don’t bother or think to research whoever invented/coined the word. However, this won’t


If he wasn’t Jewish he wouldn’t he hooked nose.

stop the Kikes from dismissing it as opinion. It just so happens that Russian Jew dictator Leon Trotsky (Real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein), communist Jew mass murder, invented the word racism. Well, wouldImage

you fucking look at that; Jew Trotsky and his fellow communist Jew Josef Stalin are in it together. So much for calling every anti-Jewish person a crazy nazi and anti-semite. Speaking of which, the inventor for the word Anti-Semitism is also a Jew by the name of Wilhem Marr. What this confirms is that Anti-Semitism really is a trick by Jews. What’s even funnier is that Jews refer to non-Jewish Arabs as terrorists rather than anti-semites









The video above is a Jewess calling a black man in a truck a nigger for scaring her kids just igniting the engine. Notice her throaty voice; this kind of voice common in many Jewess. I’m glad this black guy in the video acted calmly.

Artifical Beauty

When seeing Celebrities on television, the average viewer is all head over heels with them. However, one with the trained eye can spot something off about this, prompting themselves to ask: “Where do they get such Imagenice hair and pretty?” What a good question, because this has never been addressed. Ever. In actuality, these “Celebrities and Beauties” have undergone a operation involving wigs. Unfortunately, the majority ever catches an eye on the laces of the wigs on the heads. Let’s add a few more things, because not only there is an operation with wigs, but unnecessary “beauty” items such as hair dye and make-up. In addition to all of this, there is plastic surgery. However, the trained eye will notice the wrinkles on the eyes of the plastic surgery patent as they age. If you’ve come this far… keep reading, because I’m about to reveal the motives. If you can’t take this well, stop reading this article.
In truth, all of these “beauty products (the wigs, make-up, hair-dye, and plastic surgery.)” most famous people have on them are Jewish… Yes, you’ve heard me right. All those hot dames (for non-Jewish men) and pretty boys (for non-Jewish women) are Jewish; All of them, I suspect. The reason for this is simple; to disguise themselves amongst the non-Jews of all countries and states. This is how they got where they are today, in additional thanks to a certain war in the 20th century that (to use to their supposed advantage.) gives them supposed immunity to any crime, but if few actually bother to investigate independently of the police (and any other law enforcement agencies), they will actually find the answers they want. That aside, of all the things these humanoid demons are skilled at, they’re the ultimate masters of disguise (I think I’ve already an article of this before, but that was just a screw-up.) Only a small group with trained eyes can spot them. Take that out along with the second and third best subjects they’re skilled in, and they lose

In the Jews eyes, Anti-Semitism equals Terrorism

I’ve realized this for quite some time, but I slacked off a bit in doing so. That aside, being called an anti-semite is the same thing as being called a terrorist. This isn’t surprising considering the Jews’ supremacist nature that only they would call themselves God’s chosen. According to the depraved book that is the Talmud, hitting a Jew is the same as hitting a God. What this confirms is that the Kikes made religion, God, and every other one of the fictitious stuff you hear today. You wouldn’t be hearing about this if they didn’t rule the numerous governments around the world, would you? J They’ll sadistically murder every non-Jew should they have full control of the governments around the world. They’ll throw various traps against us to fulfill their agenda. If they succeed on their long sought conquest, The future is dark… very dark.

George Orwell: a Jew?

Action results from Reason

You all didn’t see this coming. This is quite a rare question. Is George Orwell (Real name: Eric Arthur Blair), author of the well-known book that is Nineteen Eighty Four, a Jewish person? As seen here, Orwell has often visited Communist meetings and was pro-Stalin (How much he was pro-stalin is unclear). Also, his book today seems to stem from his widely popular book which, disturbingly enough, is happening today: Non-Jews are unpeople, actions against Jews are considered Hate crime (thought crime rehash), and many, many more terms from the widely popular book today. It’s also from the link that Orwell had advanced Communist view. Jews claim to hate extremists, yet they, in their own twisted way, are Extremists themselves. This excerpt drives it home:

“An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.” – Rabbi Mendel Schneerson

As you can all see it above, the Jews are nothing but hypocrites who want no one to take no action against them… And they say nazis are supremacists (which is funnier when you realize where it’s likely derived from)


The American “Dream”: A Jewish Fantasy

As you can all see from the title, the ideology all you non-Jewish Americans love, cherish, and strive for is nothing more than a fabricated Jewish myth. Unfortunately, thanks to belief and the machinations of the Jews, many fail to catch on to this. Belief is nothing but a magic trick given logic. That out of the way… As I’ve said many times in my blog, the Jews own the government, the media, and every other popular major company you see in the United States (And every other country). The 2008 bailouts in the United State were to save the weasely rat-hides of the Jews from getting executed. All of the leaders in your government (This applies to every country.) are Jewish, and all of the beloved churches you gullible non-Jews go to are Jewish as well.

And this is why ideals have naive tendencies; whatever positive traits they have, a Jewish spy exploits it.

All Jews are opportunists

An opportunist is one who takes opportunities, exploiting every event and situation to their advantage, as can be seen with 9/11, World Wars 1 & 2, the Sandy Hook incident, Fukushima, and many, many more incidents. Whenever the chaos in an event starts, that’s the perfect opportunity for them to play hero, tricking the masses into accepting their words. Whenever someone correctly label them as the cause of all the problems in the world, this gives them the opportunity to play victimsallowing them to walk off free to do their deprave deeds. Then, there’s the fact that they rule the governments of all the nations, thus giving them the golden opportunity to eliminate any genuine opposition against them without spoiling their Jewish identities, having a Kike spy in your opposition against your opposition, let alone leading it gives them the opportunity to render it useless. The problem is most non-Jews fail to catch on this, allowing the Kikes to trick them. A person with beliefs is far more gullible than a person with none.

Are Jews really educated and intelligent?

Today, the public and most sites on the Internet say that the Jews are the most educated and intelligent species, but is this really true? In actuality, no. You’re about to find out real soon Why I said. For those with a trained eye, You might notice they put in rehashes of the same story in Hollywood movies with stolen ideas. Not to mention, They based their goblin/troll character on their looks as well. The Public is lead to think that space is real, but when one looks very closely, One can tell the pictures of space is photo manipulated/Photoshopped. The public is lead to think that nuclear weapons are real, but in actuality is nothing more than a staged event akin to the moon landing when people look at the results rather than react in fear. To make things worse, this is in actuality the “civilian” Jews who are script acting on every “bad” scene you see on the news. Even more worse is that Jews are on every division CIA, FBI, and every other law enforcement group you can think off.

So you’re all wondering what affiliates my previous paragraph with the question. So here it is… They pretend to be intelligent. That’s right folks. They only look and sound intelligent to get their way and win “prizes” to laugh at your gullibility. And to hit all of this home, a Jew named Garrison Keillor has this little gem.


In case you couldn’t tell from his facial features…

When in doubt, look intelligent!— Garrison Keillor

As you all can see the quote above, this Jew, Keillor, spelled out how stupid all Jews really are, and yet many still claim that Jews are intelligent.

There is no such thing as a good Jew.

As the title implies, there’s no such thing as a virtuous and honest Jewish person, as history can attest. Oftentimes, they claim to be heroic religious folks when the opposite clearly applies. With the Jewish victory in WW2, Events have gotten much worse, and nature’s destroyed by these demons (I can’t call them human any longer). With these demonic maniacs in power, there will be no tomorrow for all life on earth as I’ve realized, as they’ve released various poisons around the planet. And then there’s their proxies, the Freemasons, who founded these United States. How many will keep to think that these beasts are leaders of the civil rights movement. With our Education system controlled and operated by Jews, there won’t be any solutions. With Jews everywhere in the planet, humans, animals, and the very existence of nature will suffer under these poisonous snake rats, and that’s not even putting the assimilation process in account. Here we are, in 2013, with these coward Jews still in power, with these fuckers still knocking Non-Jewish People out of their jobs, and raping babies. The last one is no laughing matter, as there have been missing children shown in the Jewish news outlets.

Jewish spies are ubiquitous in every country, and America’s no exception. Most people tend to trust authority at face value. Jewish spies tend to use shitty terminology such as “agent provocateur” or something of the like. Not to mention, they’re really horrible in their vocabulary. Remember what the Jew looks like (which I’ll be posting next) and look at it’s traits closely. These neanderthals (funny, because “thal” is a suffix of a Jewish surname) aren’t benevolent beings, nor are they God’s chosen.