There is no such thing as a good Jew.

by Shadowmasterminds

As the title implies, there’s no such thing as a virtuous and honest Jewish person, as history can attest. Oftentimes, they claim to be heroic religious folks when the opposite clearly applies. With the Jewish victory in WW2, Events have gotten much worse, and nature’s destroyed by these demons (I can’t call them human any longer). With these demonic maniacs in power, there will be no tomorrow for all life on earth as I’ve realized, as they’ve released various poisons around the planet. And then there’s their proxies, the Freemasons, who founded these United States. How many will keep to think that these beasts are leaders of the civil rights movement. With our Education system controlled and operated by Jews, there won’t be any solutions. With Jews everywhere in the planet, humans, animals, and the very existence of nature will suffer under these poisonous snake rats, and that’s not even putting the assimilation process in account. Here we are, in 2013, with these coward Jews still in power, with these fuckers still knocking Non-Jewish People out of their jobs, and raping babies. The last one is no laughing matter, as there have been missing children shown in the Jewish news outlets.

Jewish spies are ubiquitous in every country, and America’s no exception. Most people tend to trust authority at face value. Jewish spies tend to use shitty terminology such as “agent provocateur” or something of the like. Not to mention, they’re really horrible in their vocabulary. Remember what the Jew looks like (which I’ll be posting next) and look at it’s traits closely. These neanderthals (funny, because “thal” is a suffix of a Jewish surname) aren’t benevolent beings, nor are they God’s chosen.