Television: The Magic Spell

by Shadowmasterminds

Actions result from reason.

Killing all Jews the only solution; They can’t be reformed. 

Sparing the Jews under the assumption of them having innate goodness will only endanger the rest of the world 

Death to the Jewish race is millenia overdue

I’ve done a post on this before, far back into the early days of this blog… But here it is… I don’t watch television as often as I did as kid today; I see it see mostly as a form of brainwashing. You see most people copying the mannerisms of “celebrities” like Britney Spears, Chris Brown, T.I, Lebron James, and many more. What’s really mind-boggling about this is that you lose a wide fraction of common sense, not to mention preventing most people from diving into the underbelly of this mess. Society today are filled brainwashed wannabes (With the exception of one race) who want to be like their “idols,” but don’t bother having the time to look at the issues closely to discover something very sinister about them. What makes this even worse is the flaws of the law itself, where it prevents people from taking action like in a dire moment like this one. What’s even is that the aforementioned race that are the jews have stolen credit for the invention of the Television.