Psychology/Psychiatry/Psychoanalysist/ – One of The Jews most dangerous weapons

by Shadowmasterminds

Yes, yes, I know there are many Kikes in the Psychology/Psychiatry/Psychoanalysis industry. It’s highly dangerous in their hands; They weaponize it to have people obey them without consent under the pretense of “curing” their patients of “mental disorders”, as expected of their Communist/Marxist agenda to have humans in the world submit to them and accept them as the most intellectual people on the planet (Something only they would claim and boast.) What easier way to control the masses than to illegitimately sneak your way into power, stealthily kill your enemies in the process, slander your opposition, arrest them, and drug them into obedience. The most astonishing thing is that some humans (Who are of course pawns.) defend them for this. Are we going to get rid of these Kikes or continue to let them do their demented deeds?


One more question before I end this: Is Psychology/Psychiatry/Psychanalysist really a pseudoscience?