Mike Delaney of Prothink Denounces Ernst Zundel and Kevin Macdonald; Shills For Eric Hufschmidt

by Shadowmasterminds

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mike Delaney of Prothink Denounces Ernst Zundel and Kevin Macdonald; Shills
For Eric Hufschmidt


By Curtis Maynard – News From The West Blog


Above, the cadaverous profile of Eric Hufschmidt, looks a bit like Michaell
Chertoff huh?

Mike Delaney above

Talk about some nerve – this asshole Mike Delaney actually states that he
knows more about the holocaust than Ernst Zundel! He then proceeds to shill
for the known Zionist Jew disinformationist Eric Hufschmidt whose sister is
actually married to Rupert Murdoch’s son [I shit you not]. HERE is
Hufschmidt, in his own words, on his own website stating the same. If you
believe that’s a coincidence, you’re one dumb sumbitch.

Delaney is also connected to another asshole Jew that goes by the name of
Quest [Real name Evren Hun Welshons-Kaplan (His mother’s last name is
Kaplan, as common a Jewish name as Goldfarb or Weinstein)]. Just last night
this imbecile wrote a comment on my blog stating that he had read all of
Ernst Zundel’s books on the holocaust. [Comment at bottom under his
pseudonym “Quest.”] When I chastized him for being a liar and moron as
Zundel has never written a book on the holocaust, he was a publisher, not
an author, Evren Kaplan shot back that he [Zundel] had written “Did Six
Million Really Die.” As any revisionist knows, Richard Verrall, AKA Richard
E. Harwood wrote that book and Zundel’s publishing company Samisdat
published it. This would be the kind of statement one might expect from a
Jew shill, they don’t bother to actually read revisionist works, they read
excerpts and then expound on them with their superficial understanding.
When caught they resort to name calling etc… it’s as predictable as
finding Jew involvement in economic crime.

In any case, with the stroke of a pen, Mike Delaney has completely exposed
himself and Prothink; he denounces Ernst Zundel and Kevin Macdonald as
agents of Zion and at the same time attempts to rehabilitate a known
Zionist shill, Eric Hufschmidt. Delaney pals around with a known Khazar
Jew, Evren Kaplan, what is one to think? Hufschmidt was once associated
with another informant named Daryl Bradford Smith, but when Smith was
exposed for what he was, they split up hoping that Hufschmidt might
maintain a modicum of credibility, which never really happened.

Read Delaney’s words below; my commentary in blue.

In Defense of Eric Hufschmidt

By Mike Delaney

This is in response to this recent article:

The label Jew, crypto Jew, agent, cointelpro, etc, etc gets thrown around
these days as does cheese burgers get eaten by obese Americans at
McDonalds. In this recent slander attack on Eric Hufschmid to call him a
Jew, Grimm makes the case strictly of the biases that Eric states Zundel is
working on the wrong side of the fence. [Ah, come on Mike, the fact that
Hufschmidt’s sister is married to Super-Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s son is a
pretty big fucking clue. You don’t mention this absolute, empirical fact,
in your article either, how come?] I have to say that I find from my own
experience that Eric usually calls out someone for a number of reasons but
simplifies for his audience by calling them Jews/Zionists/working for Jews.

One reason for Eric calling people a Jew when they are probably not is the
fact that some people are put up on pedestals for no apparent reasons or
their actions are very Jew-like. Take the Zundel case for instance. The
holocaust is clearly just obvious case of a Jew crime/hoax and Zundel does
a good job stating this but so does many other people including Eric

Why would Zundel limit himself to one issue and not highlight issues clearly
provable like 9/11? I don’t personally take a stance on what I think Zundel
is because quite frankly I don’t even look to him for information because
he seems to know less then I do. [Now THAT my friends is called Chutzpah!]

The same goes for many others, Kevin Macdonald for instance doesn’t speak
about 9/11 and the Holohoax. Why is that? [Because he’s a tenured professor
that would be fired if he were to say anything publicly about the way he
privately feels on the matter] I am sure I could hear a thousand excuses
and I do understand he does have some excellent work otherwise, [LOL at “I
understand” he [Professor Kevin Macdonald] does have “some” excellent work
otherwise – this guy is almost too much. Reminds me of a cretin critiquing
the work of a genius] but people lets face it, we need to expose these Jews
on all fronts and as efficient as possible. The BIGGEST crime these people
could go down for is not the kosher tax, Holohoax, etc, but 9/11. We
clearly have the evidence to prove the Jews did 9/11! Why not speak about
that? [Ernst Zundel is on record speaking about it you fucking bastard,
he’s on record stating that he knew before the second building collapsed
that it was a mossad/CIA operation, and this is almost certainly why ZOG
bent over backwards to illegally arrest Zundel on trumped up charges, to
illegally deport him to Kanada where ZOG knew he’d be rendered to Germany
and spend a decade behind prison walls. If ZOG fears anyone it’s Ernst
Zundel, there is no wayy in hell the governmennt was going to allow Ernst
Zundel to exert 1/10th as much attention and energy on investigating 9-11,
as he did on the holocaust. Ernst Zundel is a martyr and hero, you ignorant
fool! You don’t deserve to even utter his name]

A slight problem I have, if I were to nitpick here, I have with both Grimm
and Hufschmid is that both are still labeling this as a ‘Zionist’ problem.
[Obviously this dipshit hasn’t even bothered to read anything Grimm’s
written, Patrick has no problem with the word Jew.] I find it funny that
people are still pigeonholed on saying the term Zionist, instead of Jew.
This starts a whole new debate about when and were to ‘comprimise’
[speeling challenged itz] your message, which I wont do at all, a topic for
another article. The one thing I can say about Hufschmid I know for sure is
that he never ceases in pushing the biggest issues that would take down the
Jew unlike many others. It’s a shame to see others who put 9/11 being a Jew
job on the back burner for far less important issues.

Hufschmid has also been thee litmus test in the 9/11 movement to expose the
real perps of 9/11. [ROTFLMWAO] It is certainly suspicious that people like
Zundel and Grimm don’t harp on this 9/11 topic which I believe to be the
biggest smoking gun that would bring these people down. [Again, this guyy
blows more smoke out of his ass, proving he hasn’t read anything Grimm’s
written] Between Hufschmid’s scientific debunking film, 9/11 Painful
Deceptions, and my film showing WHO did it, Missing Links, it is easy to
show this to people. Instead we get caught up in overwhelming people with
numerous and far less important topics that makes the audience catatonic
when it comes to action.

I am sure Hufschmid has called out people out inaccurately but everyone
makes mistakes and the good he does far out ways the mistakes.
[That’s “outweighs” you goddamn moron! It’s just a mistake really, anyone
could denounce Ernst Zundel, a man that’s devoted his entire life to
exposing the Jew and who has spent that last six years rotting away in a
German prison for an opinion that doesn’t coincide with that of Jewry. Fuck
You!] Ask yourself this, where we be right now if it hadn’t been for
Hufschmid’s work? Maybe I would still be listening to Alex Jones. DBS of
Iamthewitness.com wouldn’t have even been heard of like he is now [DBS AKA
Daryl Bradford Smith is also a known informant]. Missing Links would never
have been made. 9/11 and the controlling dissenting Jews would not have
been exposed like they have been. Lets not forget it was of NO help from
the pro-white movements to embrace or expose the truth about 9/11. For many
years they were completely happen blaming ‘towelheads’ [That’s because
people like Alex Linder of VNN, a so-called White nationalist site are
informants and running false fronts for the feds] and even today don’t
exploit this crime against their number 1 enemy like they cold. So ask
yourself, before you step on toes to defame someone, make sure you have the
story straight or that you have done better to even privilege yourself with
the right to criticize. [Delaney should have kept the old adage, “It’s
better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all
doubt,” in mind before writing this hit piece.]


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This is just evidence to confirm that Mike Delaney is a Jew shill. One common misleader is that it isn’t “Zionists” as Jews have exiled before the Zionist movement was in play.

UPDATE: I dound out that Zundel is a Jew himself, meaning that we have anoth lying Jew in their ranks.