May is Jewish American History Month

by Shadowmasterminds

As much as I don’t like this, Obama pretty much spells this one out in his first year in office. Unfortunately, it’s under many people’s jewdar (Jew radar for short.). Some of us have warned them, but most have fallen on deaf ears; They won’t know what’s coming to them until it hits them, just like how it is in action movies (Some villain creates chaos, Hero ultimately stops chaos, rinse and repeat for next movie. blah, blah, blah.). What exactly are they celebrating during this month? These quotes should also spell it out:

“What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit. To what can we reduce his (the Jew’s) religious worship? To extortion. What is his real God? Cash!” – Karl Marx, founder of Communism, quoted in the British Guardian, July-August, 1924.


“In everything, we are destroyers–even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief…We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.” – Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, pages 152, 155, and 147.


“The Jew is an inborn Communist.” – Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, page 311. 


There you have it; It even has the Jew admitting themselves as destructive parasites and the fact they’re communists. Before you non-Jews start celebrating your “independence,” You’d best think very carefully who control the scenes before you seek happiness. Then again, not every non-Jew will hear this out. If you think this is good resource, then read on as I put in more excerpts below.


“Let us recognize that we Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station, or shade of belief, is necessarily a member.” – Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Ct. Justice, Zionism, page 113.


“The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.” – The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.


“A Jew is anyone who says he is.” (David Ben Gurion)

Jews have no loyalty to any country whatsoever and are loyal to the tribe and the tribe alone. They even said it themselves that we can’t reform them, yet many non-Jews believe they’re human like us. Shit, they sound like the Borg themselves, but that’s because they came up with the idea themselves of course. That aside, many non-Jews dismiss these problems by promising “everything will be Ok.” For those with common sense, results count more than promises. It isn’t and it won’t be until we rise up ourselves and fix it. If many non-Jews didn’t seek out happiness and start looking misdirections, sleights, and any other synonym of your choice. It’s a really sad state of affairs when this is put as pronounced below:

U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday declared May Jewish American Heritage Month, saying that the “United States would not be the country we know without the achievements of Jewish Americans.” Obama called on all Americans to “commemorate the proud heritage of Jewish Americans with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” 

What this really means is that every non-Jew should get on their feet and worship these depraved bastards. When Obama says the United States wouldn’t be where it is without the Jews today, he wasn’t lying. This also makes all the claims that he was a Muslim a moot point. These United States wouldn’t be where it is without their machinations backstage. Killing these Kikes would save us humans a brick load trouble if we didn’t keep placing promises before results. That aside…

“Unyielding in the face of hardship and tenacious in following their dreams, Jewish Americans have surmounted the challenges that every immigrant group faces, and have made unparalleled contributions,” Obama said. He added, “Jewish American leaders have been essential to all branches and levels of government. Still more Jewish Americans have made selfless sacrifices in our Armed Forces.” 

These Jews haven’t sacrificed squat; they’re weaklings that can’t fight head on. That aside, unyielding and tenacious fit the Jews’ personality quite well. These “challenges” they have surmounted is getting rid of all their opposition. When Obama states that they are “essential” to every branch of government, he means that the wretched Kikes control everything in these United States. For those who don’t trust me that World War 2 was orchestrated by Jews, here is this excerpt:


“The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.” – The Chicago Jewish Sentinel, October 8, 1942. 


There you have it. These fundamentals they’re talking about? It’s none other than pedophilia, ritual murder, usury, organ harvesting, deceit, subversion, manipulation, etc. I can count much more, but I rest my case here. If you’ve read this far, then read on.

Obama said that Jewish American community has set an example for all Americans. “They have demonstrated that Americans can choose to maintain cultural traditions while honoring the principles and beliefs that bind them together as American,” said Obama. “Jewish American history demonstrates how America’s diversity enriches and strengthens us all.”


As you can see above, it’s a bit under the radar when Obama says this… When he speaks of Jewish Americans, this is all what one needs to look for. They can preserve their loyalty to their tribe, while they “commend” their own principles and beliefs. Also, when Obama says that all of these traits binds them together as “Americans,” This all but confirmed that the Jews really do not care about us, as they’re a nation within a nation in not just the United States, but in every country as well. This also confirms that the Jews have indeed formed that United States. There you all have it… Independence day is just a null holiday.