Independence day: Full of shit

by Shadowmasterminds

Today is the day where every American celebrates their independence from the British. This is a good thing, right? WRONG! The Jews ran Britain at the time. The Freemasons consisting of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson,, etc. only established America as another Nation for the Jews to conquer, and this isn’t even mentioning the fact that the Jews have slaughtered thousands (maybe millions) of Native Americans at the time of Columbus’ sail to the “new world.” We really shouldn’t be celebrating this day, as we’ve been tricked yet again by the Jews accomplishing the fact America’s really no different from the other nations, as we’re in a global Jewish Oligarchy. If only we realized this shit much sooner, then we would we accomplish something much greater. And for every damn non-Jewish pacifist reading this shit, fuck you, because while it is a virtue that non-violent solutions sounds good under normal situations, pacifism won’t work on the Jews because they can’t be reasoned with, nor their evil can’t be tamed no matter how many attempts you try. They’re demons who walk this earth like you and me.