Civil rights and activism: superficial groups controlled by Jews

by Shadowmasterminds

When one thinks of civil rights and activism, he/she, as one would expect, think of improving communities. However, If one were to prefer the results rather than promises, You’d realize that the result of all these politicians today make no progress. When you realize that these politicians such as Shavar Jeffries and Ras Baraka have superficial smiles (or superficial charm), one can realize that these politicians are full of shit. A real smile and a fake smile have different muscles on the face. Same applies to every other political activist and civil rights advocates, because they’re all owned by the Jews; These creatures don’t care about your future nor the future of your kids, and just want take everything for themselves. Beware that the Jews who aren’t activists but aren’t wearing blatant Jewish clothing will show up and magically swarm around on the scenes to support them, because this is exactly how they make these guys look more convincing.



As you can see, this is one of the many examples of a superficial smile. I already know what the results are gonna be should he win.


Another of the many examples of a fake smile. Many would be screaming at me that his smile isn’t superficial. Like Jeffries, I know where the results are going should he win.