Artifical Beauty

by Shadowmasterminds

When seeing Celebrities on television, the average viewer is all head over heels with them. However, one with the trained eye can spot something off about this, prompting themselves to ask: “Where do they get such Imagenice hair and pretty?” What a good question, because this has never been addressed. Ever. In actuality, these “Celebrities and Beauties” have undergone a operation involving wigs. Unfortunately, the majority ever catches an eye on the laces of the wigs on the heads. Let’s add a few more things, because not only there is an operation with wigs, but unnecessary “beauty” items such as hair dye and make-up. In addition to all of this, there is plastic surgery. However, the trained eye will notice the wrinkles on the eyes of the plastic surgery patent as they age. If you’ve come this far… keep reading, because I’m about to reveal the motives. If you can’t take this well, stop reading this article.
In truth, all of these “beauty products (the wigs, make-up, hair-dye, and plastic surgery.)” most famous people have on them are Jewish… Yes, you’ve heard me right. All those hot dames (for non-Jewish men) and pretty boys (for non-Jewish women) are Jewish; All of them, I suspect. The reason for this is simple; to disguise themselves amongst the non-Jews of all countries and states. This is how they got where they are today, in additional thanks to a certain war in the 20th century that (to use to their supposed advantage.) gives them supposed immunity to any crime, but if few actually bother to investigate independently of the police (and any other law enforcement agencies), they will actually find the answers they want. That aside, of all the things these humanoid demons are skilled at, they’re the ultimate masters of disguise (I think I’ve already an article of this before, but that was just a screw-up.) Only a small group with trained eyes can spot them. Take that out along with the second and third best subjects they’re skilled in, and they lose