Are Jews really educated and intelligent?

by Shadowmasterminds

Today, the public and most sites on the Internet say that the Jews are the most educated and intelligent species, but is this really true? In actuality, no. You’re about to find out real soon Why I said. For those with a trained eye, You might notice they put in rehashes of the same story in Hollywood movies with stolen ideas. Not to mention, They based their goblin/troll character on their looks as well. The Public is lead to think that space is real, but when one looks very closely, One can tell the pictures of space is photo manipulated/Photoshopped. The public is lead to think that nuclear weapons are real, but in actuality is nothing more than a staged event akin to the moon landing when people look at the results rather than react in fear. To make things worse, this is in actuality the “civilian” Jews who are script acting on every “bad” scene you see on the news. Even more worse is that Jews are on every division CIA, FBI, and every other law enforcement group you can think off.

So you’re all wondering what affiliates my previous paragraph with the question. So here it is… They pretend to be intelligent. That’s right folks. They only look and sound intelligent to get their way and win “prizes” to laugh at your gullibility. And to hit all of this home, a Jew named Garrison Keillor has this little gem.


In case you couldn’t tell from his facial features…

When in doubt, look intelligent!— Garrison Keillor

As you all can see the quote above, this Jew, Keillor, spelled out how stupid all Jews really are, and yet many still claim that Jews are intelligent.