All Millionaires/Billionaires/Trillionaires are Jewish

by Shadowmasterminds

It should be obvious since they’re greedy bastards, but Jews are Millionaires/Billionaires/Trillionaires but why exactly are they rich? It’s simple; In addition to playing the World War 2 victims, they discreetly rigged the financial systems of every country so they can have everything to themselves while everyone else suffers. In reply to this accusation, the Jews will compare them taxed to Nazis. As one can observe closely, Jews are getting desperate in preventing their cover from being blown. One must keep in mind of the millions, if not, billions of humans Jews killed in the time of WWII without a single shred of remorse. That aside, It should be pretty obvious that the Jews won’t share the money. Reminder that this isn’t just transpiring in the U.S.