All Jews are opportunists

by Shadowmasterminds

An opportunist is one who takes opportunities, exploiting every event and situation to their advantage, as can be seen with 9/11, World Wars 1 & 2, the Sandy Hook incident, Fukushima, and many, many more incidents. Whenever the chaos in an event starts, that’s the perfect opportunity for them to play hero, tricking the masses into accepting their words. Whenever someone correctly label them as the cause of all the problems in the world, this gives them the opportunity to play victimsallowing them to walk off free to do their deprave deeds. Then, there’s the fact that they rule the governments of all the nations, thus giving them the golden opportunity to eliminate any genuine opposition against them without spoiling their Jewish identities, having a Kike spy in your opposition against your opposition, let alone leading it gives them the opportunity to render it useless. The problem is most non-Jews fail to catch on this, allowing the Kikes to trick them. A person with beliefs is far more gullible than a person with none.