Adolf Hitler – A spy for the Jews

by Shadowmasterminds

Yes, you’ve heard this right. Adolf Hitler, the man who is said to killed 6 millions Jews, is a straw man… However, Hitler as a villainous straw man was precisely part of the Jews’ plan to take over Europe and to prevent criticism against their crimes, resulting in their pacifist ruses. This means they knew Hitler from the start before WW2 even started. And now they’re doing the same regarding Muslims, except that they were an excuse to invade Iraq and middle east, doing the same to  the Arabs to escape punishment. Ahmadinejad (who a crypto Jew himself) is another example of the strawman ploy, where the Jews accuse him of launching nuclear weapons against Israel. Jews are incredibly fond of launching Straw man arguments to escape the real argument and their very well-deserved punishment (very satisfying for non-Jewish society).  Not-so-recently, there was a gun accident in Connecticut. The person for this Strawman ploy was Adam Lanza, who was said to have shot his mother and his father, his classmates, etc. Why would a child (non-Jewish) would kill his parents? This is exactly the reason why these Jew rats want gun control


Straw dictator Hitler wasn’t against those rat-faced gold diggers. He helped them. They knew him from the start, so they portrayed him as a dictator who wanted to kill innocents Jews (Who never were innocent to begin with sadly.), And painted him as a villain. All of those Jewish rats gassed alive? Lie. Told by Germans to strip naked? Lie; Sick Homosexual Jewish fantasy. Fed by Dogs? Lie. We wished that would happen, but they came up with a lie for that one as well. Dammit.


UPDATE: Let me clarify to all my readers: First, the Kikes sent Hitler and a few others as a spy to kill the non-Jewish Germans, set him up as a straw man dictator for all non-Jews to worship, which is exactly what they had planned in mind, and while all the real Holocaust victims in Dresden were burned, to which they watched with demented glee, some of the Kikes were sent to Hollywood after they were finished with their plays, and the remaining kikes were sent to Palestine; every non-Jew know the rest from there.