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Month: June, 2014

May is Jewish American History Month

As much as I don’t like this, Obama pretty much spells this one out in his first year in office. Unfortunately, it’s under many people’s jewdar (Jew radar for short.). Some of us have warned them, but most have fallen on deaf ears; They won’t know what’s coming to them until it hits them, just like how it is in action movies (Some villain creates chaos, Hero ultimately stops chaos, rinse and repeat for next movie. blah, blah, blah.). What exactly are they celebrating during this month? These quotes should also spell it out:

“What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit. To what can we reduce his (the Jew’s) religious worship? To extortion. What is his real God? Cash!” – Karl Marx, founder of Communism, quoted in the British Guardian, July-August, 1924.


“In everything, we are destroyers–even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief…We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.” – Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, pages 152, 155, and 147.


“The Jew is an inborn Communist.” – Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, page 311. 


There you have it; It even has the Jew admitting themselves as destructive parasites and the fact they’re communists. Before you non-Jews start celebrating your “independence,” You’d best think very carefully who control the scenes before you seek happiness. Then again, not every non-Jew will hear this out. If you think this is good resource, then read on as I put in more excerpts below.


“Let us recognize that we Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station, or shade of belief, is necessarily a member.” – Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Ct. Justice, Zionism, page 113.


“The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.” – The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.


“A Jew is anyone who says he is.” (David Ben Gurion)

Jews have no loyalty to any country whatsoever and are loyal to the tribe and the tribe alone. They even said it themselves that we can’t reform them, yet many non-Jews believe they’re human like us. Shit, they sound like the Borg themselves, but that’s because they came up with the idea themselves of course. That aside, many non-Jews dismiss these problems by promising “everything will be Ok.” For those with common sense, results count more than promises. It isn’t and it won’t be until we rise up ourselves and fix it. If many non-Jews didn’t seek out happiness and start looking misdirections, sleights, and any other synonym of your choice. It’s a really sad state of affairs when this is put as pronounced below:

U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday declared May Jewish American Heritage Month, saying that the “United States would not be the country we know without the achievements of Jewish Americans.” Obama called on all Americans to “commemorate the proud heritage of Jewish Americans with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” 

What this really means is that every non-Jew should get on their feet and worship these depraved bastards. When Obama says the United States wouldn’t be where it is without the Jews today, he wasn’t lying. This also makes all the claims that he was a Muslim a moot point. These United States wouldn’t be where it is without their machinations backstage. Killing these Kikes would save us humans a brick load trouble if we didn’t keep placing promises before results. That aside…

“Unyielding in the face of hardship and tenacious in following their dreams, Jewish Americans have surmounted the challenges that every immigrant group faces, and have made unparalleled contributions,” Obama said. He added, “Jewish American leaders have been essential to all branches and levels of government. Still more Jewish Americans have made selfless sacrifices in our Armed Forces.” 

These Jews haven’t sacrificed squat; they’re weaklings that can’t fight head on. That aside, unyielding and tenacious fit the Jews’ personality quite well. These “challenges” they have surmounted is getting rid of all their opposition. When Obama states that they are “essential” to every branch of government, he means that the wretched Kikes control everything in these United States. For those who don’t trust me that World War 2 was orchestrated by Jews, here is this excerpt:


“The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.” – The Chicago Jewish Sentinel, October 8, 1942. 


There you have it. These fundamentals they’re talking about? It’s none other than pedophilia, ritual murder, usury, organ harvesting, deceit, subversion, manipulation, etc. I can count much more, but I rest my case here. If you’ve read this far, then read on.

Obama said that Jewish American community has set an example for all Americans. “They have demonstrated that Americans can choose to maintain cultural traditions while honoring the principles and beliefs that bind them together as American,” said Obama. “Jewish American history demonstrates how America’s diversity enriches and strengthens us all.”


As you can see above, it’s a bit under the radar when Obama says this… When he speaks of Jewish Americans, this is all what one needs to look for. They can preserve their loyalty to their tribe, while they “commend” their own principles and beliefs. Also, when Obama says that all of these traits binds them together as “Americans,” This all but confirmed that the Jews really do not care about us, as they’re a nation within a nation in not just the United States, but in every country as well. This also confirms that the Jews have indeed formed that United States. There you all have it… Independence day is just a null holiday.


Adolf Hitler – A spy for the Jews

Yes, you’ve heard this right. Adolf Hitler, the man who is said to killed 6 millions Jews, is a straw man… However, Hitler as a villainous straw man was precisely part of the Jews’ plan to take over Europe and to prevent criticism against their crimes, resulting in their pacifist ruses. This means they knew Hitler from the start before WW2 even started. And now they’re doing the same regarding Muslims, except that they were an excuse to invade Iraq and middle east, doing the same to  the Arabs to escape punishment. Ahmadinejad (who a crypto Jew himself) is another example of the strawman ploy, where the Jews accuse him of launching nuclear weapons against Israel. Jews are incredibly fond of launching Straw man arguments to escape the real argument and their very well-deserved punishment (very satisfying for non-Jewish society).  Not-so-recently, there was a gun accident in Connecticut. The person for this Strawman ploy was Adam Lanza, who was said to have shot his mother and his father, his classmates, etc. Why would a child (non-Jewish) would kill his parents? This is exactly the reason why these Jew rats want gun control


Straw dictator Hitler wasn’t against those rat-faced gold diggers. He helped them. They knew him from the start, so they portrayed him as a dictator who wanted to kill innocents Jews (Who never were innocent to begin with sadly.), And painted him as a villain. All of those Jewish rats gassed alive? Lie. Told by Germans to strip naked? Lie; Sick Homosexual Jewish fantasy. Fed by Dogs? Lie. We wished that would happen, but they came up with a lie for that one as well. Dammit.


UPDATE: Let me clarify to all my readers: First, the Kikes sent Hitler and a few others as a spy to kill the non-Jewish Germans, set him up as a straw man dictator for all non-Jews to worship, which is exactly what they had planned in mind, and while all the real Holocaust victims in Dresden were burned, to which they watched with demented glee, some of the Kikes were sent to Hollywood after they were finished with their plays, and the remaining kikes were sent to Palestine; every non-Jew know the rest from there.

I’m a racist against Jews. So what?

We’re in a Global Jewish Oligarchy

I’m a racist against Jews. I had nothing to hide. I have not only disgust for these bastards, but as history can attest, they have no place to stay on this earth. “Thou shalt not kill” Is a noble concept, but I’ll ask this one question: “Thou shalt not kill whom?” From the Jew’s perspective, “Thou shalt not kill thou own kind.” Such a less specific term for a noble rule for a many “heroes” to go by. From our non-Jewish ancestors’ perspective, “Thou shalt not kill an innocent.” This means they have absolutely no problems killing a criminal, and I agree with this, because by sparing a criminal, say, racist, you’re just endangering more lives. The Jews have killed many living beings in this very planet many non-Jews are unaware of, which, as shown in my other blogs makes it very clear that the Jews are the worst criminals in history, and this is saying something… A lot really. That’s no different from a tiger being a racist to a deer, but that’s just hypothetical. They’re THE most racist race in this damned, beautiful planet.

Did the Jews think that by making multiple news outlets that they would actually confuse the masses? As long as the trained eye is able to spot them, they’re not fooling any non-Jew. Did the Jews think that by having numerous Presidents, we non-Jew wouldn’t be able to suspect them to be Jews? Of course we can. It’s not impossible to spot a Jew, as shown in my other blog. The Jews are nothing but cowards who aren’t even worthy of an existence.  They rely on the non-Jewish masses to be in of the shell of happiness as they maintain their masquerade as an all-knowing, all-peaceful religion. The non-Jewish European Ancestors knew better than this, and would execute them right on the fly, which is why the Jews conquered China first, because they think no one would actually distinguish a Chinese Jew from a Chinese Non-Jew, they because they knew China would resist the least, but their lower lips, wrinkled faces, and large forehead are always a sign.

I guess being an outcast is better than I thought. No ideas are given to you, leaving YOU to figure shit out by yourself, getting more experience while doing so (No Pokemon references intended.) . And if you’re looking by the top of the red text, this is a bold statement, because we non-Jews really are in a dictatorship led by Jews. Not to mention they’re hypocrites who pretend to be against racism, yet they carry all racist acts all throughout history All you have to do..

Is to test their reaction.

Jewish Mobsters and Gangsters

Everyone has been sold into the idea by Jew run media and Jew run Hollywood that mobsters are non-Jewish Italians. This isn’t the case here, when you look closely at the pictures of the mobsters and realize that they have lower lips bigger than the upper lip, a big forehead, and a hooked nose. This is an indicator of the Jew. That right; The notorious mobster Al Capone is a Jew, whether you people like it or not, and there are Russian Jew mobsters, Italian Jew mobsters, Japanese Jew mobsters (Yakuza), Plain Jew

Hook nose, bottom lip larger than the upper lip

Hook nose, bottom lip larger than the upper lip. That’s a Jew, alright. No question about it.

mobsters, British Jew mobsters, etc. There are Jewish mobsters in every country, so keep in mind that the ones I described in my previous sentence are not all the Jew mobsters mentioned here. Jewish mobsters have been around as early as late 19th century (It could be far earlier than this.). Even to this day, the Jews are still managing the black markets in the shadows. They knew we would catch them, so they surreptitiously kidnapped children for brothels, managed to pull off the drug trade while killing off all the non-Jewish nurses and doctors, and replaced herbs with drugs as medicine (another article I’ve written) with the Illegal Drug Trade. In other words, The Jewish Mobs, Gangs, and Mafia run the government, which explains the mannerisms. Mobster movies such as The Godfather made it more, but I didn’t pick up on this when I was younger. When once notices how the Jews kill anyone that speak too much about their agenda, it becomes very obvious to the non-Jewish people (humans) that the Jew invented the concept of the Mafia. That’s right; The Mobsters and Gangsters who create chaos in the city life are the very people who claim to be the holiest race. They’re called rats with good reason. A rat loots all of the animal’s belongings in secret, and the Jews affinity with rats can’t be any more true.

The Jewish conquest of China

I’ve stated in an article about how the Jews took over Europe and parts of Asia in the 20th century, but this one is different. While they conquered China before the 20th century, How exactly did the Jewish conquered China? This is something that’s never been explained. All that’s likely is that China resisted the least out of all the nations. Otherwise, It’s a mystery to me.


UPDATE: Here is something

UPDATE: Recently I found a lead in the form of these picturesLOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0000 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0002 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0003 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0004 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0005 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0006 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0007 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0008 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0009 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0010 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0011 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0012 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0013 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0014 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0015 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0016 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0017 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0018 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0019 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0020 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0021 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0022 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0023 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0024 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0025 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0026 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0027 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0028 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0029 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0030 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0031 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0032 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0033 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0034 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0035 LOPS-04-BAKONYItsvan-Chinese_Communism_And_Chinese_Jews_1969_0036

All of the pictures above are from a book called “Library of Political Secrets #4: Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews” by Itsvan Bakony. This here book explains and implies the very same tactics used by these Jewish rats in how they’ve conquered China. Not only that, but this book insists that Jews are a religion. Who are they trying to fool?

Independence day: Full of shit

Today is the day where every American celebrates their independence from the British. This is a good thing, right? WRONG! The Jews ran Britain at the time. The Freemasons consisting of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson,, etc. only established America as another Nation for the Jews to conquer, and this isn’t even mentioning the fact that the Jews have slaughtered thousands (maybe millions) of Native Americans at the time of Columbus’ sail to the “new world.” We really shouldn’t be celebrating this day, as we’ve been tricked yet again by the Jews accomplishing the fact America’s really no different from the other nations, as we’re in a global Jewish Oligarchy. If only we realized this shit much sooner, then we would we accomplish something much greater. And for every damn non-Jewish pacifist reading this shit, fuck you, because while it is a virtue that non-violent solutions sounds good under normal situations, pacifism won’t work on the Jews because they can’t be reasoned with, nor their evil can’t be tamed no matter how many attempts you try. They’re demons who walk this earth like you and me.

The reason the Torah replaced the Talmud

Today, We are told that some Jews read the Torah and the rest read the Talmud, and that the Torah Jews are against the Talmudic Jews. Sadly, this one of the many cases of the Good cop (Torah Jews pretending to be good guys), Bad cop ploy. Thanks to my dad, as the Bible, The Quar’an, and the Torah, along with the other religious books, all have the same texts, fact that he brought this up clued me into the reason they did all this: They made these religious textbooks throw us off from their sick oral tradition that is their nefarious Talmud, something of which all Kikes read; including the ones who pretend to protest against it. I know that religion is scam; Now’s the time to share this.

The real reason for the bailouts

Ever wondered the increasing number of Jews as workers after the 2008 bailouts? Notice the increasing number of homeless non-Jewish people and unemployed non-Jewish workers? The reason for this is simple: The Jews in the government want to save the ugly hides of many members of their tribe from being homeless, hence why the Jews in government call it a bailout. Why should we worry about a supposedly dying economy when the Jews can print the damned money whenever they want and feel like it in their Jew-owned Federal Reserve? Hell, they even admitted that they’ve caused the Great Depression. Speaking of which, why do they call it the Great Depression? Supposedly, it’s because many lost their jobs back then as in today. However, this is far from the case. Like today after it, The Great Depression was a plan carried out by the Jews to make every non-Jew homeless and unemployed, replacing them with their own tribe… In actuality, this is ultimately, in their own words, “The Great Depression of the Goyim.” Now that I’m finished explaining the cause, Here’s a quote to confirm this:

“Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.” – Jew Ben Bernanke


As you can see the end of the quote, Bernanke makes it look as if he’s talking to Jews who are pretending to be against the global financial crash of the Depression. As the quote would suggest, One would be foolish to let the Jews handle a financial currency. What’s worse is that majority of Africans (Blacks) are convinced by these Kikes that they’re intellectual people. The majority of them don’t realize that the Africans (Blacks) were on the receiving end of the Jews’ whips. Even worse is that the African leaders the youngsters looked up to are either degenerates or unwilling pawns. Indeed, non-Jewish Africans (Blacks) truly have it much worse than every other non-Jewish race.

All Millionaires/Billionaires/Trillionaires are Jewish

It should be obvious since they’re greedy bastards, but Jews are Millionaires/Billionaires/Trillionaires but why exactly are they rich? It’s simple; In addition to playing the World War 2 victims, they discreetly rigged the financial systems of every country so they can have everything to themselves while everyone else suffers. In reply to this accusation, the Jews will compare them taxed to Nazis. As one can observe closely, Jews are getting desperate in preventing their cover from being blown. One must keep in mind of the millions, if not, billions of humans Jews killed in the time of WWII without a single shred of remorse. That aside, It should be pretty obvious that the Jews won’t share the money. Reminder that this isn’t just transpiring in the U.S.

Leo Frank: Disgusting Jew Pedophile

A very good example with excellent results when dealing with a rapist, let alone a pedophile, and a murderer, is Leo Frank. For non-Jews who don’t know who he is, he was a superintendent of a factory known as the Nation Pencil Company in Atlanta, Georgia in. He raped a thirteen-year-old child named Mary Phagan. In April 1913, This Kike strangled Phagan, thus killing her, leading him of being convicted in August 1913. When the Jews at the court tried to appeal a protest that the Kike was innocent, The people who witnessed this murder wasted no time deciding to executing this scumbag. Today, we don’t have that kind of justice, which would vastly save us tons of trouble. Sadly, with the Jews in Government and Media positions, this won’t happen very often. Besides, with their ill-proven victim status as a weak defense in addition to the what I’ve said about Jews being government and Media positions to bail themselves out of the crimes they commit, it should be very clear that Jews are hypocrites through and through, and Jews say that the Lynching of Leo Frank is Anti-semitism.